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Letters to the Editor

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Local leaders ask House of Reps to pass Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act

August, 2013

On July 31st, the House Natural Resources Committee approved a forestry bill that includes a bipartisan plan to open more than 1.3 million acres of federally owned forests in Western Oregon to revenue-producing harvests.
The Hastings Bill includes the plan developed by Oregon Reps. Peter DeFazio, D-Springfield, Greg Walden, R-Hood River, and Kurt Schrader, D-Canby, in which roughly one-half of the 2.6 million forested acres in the Oregon & California Railroad Grant lands — known as the O&C lands — would be placed under permanent protections. The remaining 1.3 million acres would be placed in a trust and managed to produce maximum revenues for the 18 Oregon counties that contain O&C lands.

The main body of the bill, titled Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act, was sponsored by Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., would require harvest levels in federal forests sufficient enough to replace revenues currently supplied by the Secure Rural Schools program.

Enacted in 2000, the Secure Rural Schools program provides timber-heavy counties with direct payments intended to compensate them for the damage wreaked on local economies and tax bases by restrictions on logging on federal land. The payments have been extended several times, including a one-year extension passed last year. Hastings’ bill would extend Secure Rural Schools funding for an additional year at 2010 levels, a $200 million increase over current safety net funding, to give rural counties a bridge until additional revenues begin coming in.

This legislation would also help address the growing problem of wild fires on western forests. Last year, 9.3 million acres of national forest land burned in wildfires, 44 times greater than the roughly 200,000 acres harvested by the U.S. Forest Service.  Tens of thousands of acres in Southern Oregon are burning right now.  The largest, the Douglas complex fire, near Glendale, has already consumed more than 36,000 acres. A good portion of the bill includes language that would require management of forestlands to prevent such catastrophic fires

Rep. DeFazio’s efforts to get the Hastings Bill successfully out of committee have been terrific.

We are all southern Oregon members of the Regional Solutions Advisory Teams.  Our task is to identify economic and community development priorities and solve problems at the regional level.  Restoring healthy forests for healthy communities is clearly a vital regional economic priority. We applaud the efforts of Rep. DeFazio and Sen. Wyden to secure passage of legislation that would achieve this important goal. 

We urge a rapid House passage of Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act, hopefully no later than September.  We also encourage a quick final approval, by both Houses of Congress, of this or a similar Wyden bill to come from the Senate.

Our forests are burning up, our counties and municipalities are in dire straits, and our school funding is no longer secure.  We are in strong support of Rep. DeFazio’s and Sen. Wyden’s efforts to remedy all three.  We encourage you to be in support, too.

Keith Tymchuk, Mayor of Reedsport
Susan Morgan, Douglas County Commissioner
John Sweet, Coos County Commissioner
David Itzen, Curry County Commissioner
Dave Kronsteiner, Port of Coos Bay Commission
Jim Seely, Wild River Coast Alliance
Bill Thorndike, Medford Fabrication

Past letters:

School Board Candidates introduce themselves to the voters

My name is Todd M. Tippin.  I am running for a position on the Glendale School Board in the election next month because the next generation of our community continues to be largely influenced, shaped and prepared for adulthood by the activities, teachings and examples of what happens in the schools of Glendale.  As a volunteer within Glendale’s schools, I have had the privilege and challenge of observing and experiencing what goes on.  I am convinced that the Glendale School District needs to improve its leadership in the School Board in order to accomplish this daunting task.  Most recently, the School District has been put on notice by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) that our academic performance is insufficient and must be improved to avoid penalty.  If we continue to do the same things we have been doing in the recent past, we will continue to promote a culture that achieves at a very low standard, produces few young adults that will be ready to compete for meaningful employment, and possesses little understanding of proper morals and ethics for how to productively interact with our neighbors and community members.
I have been most recently involved in our community in the following ways:
Volunteer member of the Glendale School District budget committee 2011 – 2012
Volunteer to Athletic Director of Glendale Jr./Sr. High School 2010 – 2011
Volunteer to high school math instructor 2010-2011
Volunteer girls assistant Jr. high school basketball coach 2010
Volunteer boys assistant Jr. high school basketball coach 2010
Volunteer boys/girls assistant Jr. high school track coach 2010
Volunteer boys/girls assistant high school track coach 2010
Volunteer boys/girls head Jr./Sr. high school cross country coach 2011
Volunteer assistant teacher for Advanced Weight Training & Nutrition class 2010
4-H Club Leader 2010-2013
Built home addition for family in need summer 2012
Member of the Special Peoples Depot of Glendale
Counselor/Mentor for families in need
As a graduate from the University of Redlands with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Management with an emphasis in Finance, I know what it takes to work hard and achieve a valuable education.  I am fortunate to be experiencing the benefits of this education.  In my professional career, I demonstrated giftedness in turning around troubled companies to make them succeed in their businesses, improve customer service, analyze and repair financial difficulties, repair human resource challenges and return to a state of profitability.  As a counselor and mentor to families for over 10 years, I know what to do to help parents succeed in training children up to positive productive maturity.  As a volunteer in the Glendale School District, I witnessed the challenges within the school district for helping kids become mature enhancements to society rather than another applicant for welfare programs, due to systemic unpreparedness, lacking basic skills.  As a licensed substitute teacher, I have experienced the challenges our teachers face in accomplishing their task of providing a good education given the constraints of the system and the financial challenges that must be addressed with clearly defined goals for an educational institution.  As a member of the Glendale community, I have watched the present system fail time and again to provide successful solutions to these challenges due to a lack of vision and understanding of the challenges that are upon us for this generation. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Savannah Home Owners Association from 1998-2002, including 2 years as President of the Board, I fully comprehend the weight of fiscal and fiduciary responsibility upon each elected member.
When I am elected, I will strive diligently to return the activities of the Board of Directors to those determined in the bylaws of the district, not their own agendas, to more fully empower our administrators to perform their intended functions and require them to do so by measuring their performance against clearly communicated standards.  I will develop and clearly communicate critical short and long term goals, the performance expectations for all involved necessary to assist our customers (parents and students) in their endeavors of receiving a meaningful education, and the benefits to all for successful implementation.  I will also reach out to the community for transparency and assistance in accomplishing our goals.
You can effect positive change by choosing those who are prepared to take the necessary steps to produce positive results.  If you are a registered voter, please vote for me.  If you are not a registered voter, please register and vote for me.  Provide me with the opportunity to help make Glendale’s next generation able to compete with anybody to achieve admirable dreams.  I will make sure the activities of the School District Board of Directors are more clearly communicated with all citizens within or attending the Glendale School District and that all members of our community know their value to helping us achieve our mutual goals. 
My candidacy is endorsed by the following community leaders:
            Andy Owens Jr. – A&M Trucking and Glendale High School Head Softball Coach
            Victoria Hokanson – Glendale High School Math Teacher & Skills USA Instructor
            Kerry Kirkland – Calvary Construction Owner
            Jeff Moritz – Fir Point Conference Center Director
Together we can put an end to what is holding us back.  I am Todd Tippin and I support this message.

Dear Neighbor,
My name is Deena Tippin and I am asking you to vote for me for the position of Glendale School Board Director to be a part of what happens in the Glendale School District and therefore, a positive influence for the children of our community.  As a volunteer, I have had opportunities to witness what goes on within the schools as well as the School Board meetings and can see there is great need for concerned citizens to be involved.  I am convinced that the future of our community begins with our children, not only good education, but proper morals, values and direction for their future so they can be positive contributors to the community of Glendale or wherever they live.

I have voluntarily served in our community and the communities I have lived in as a volunteer boys/girls assistant Jr. high school track coach 2010, 4-H Club Leader 2010-2013, a Counselor/Mentor for women in need, a Girl Scout Troop Leader 2005-2008, and Children’s Community Theater from 2003-2008.  I am familiar with the requirements of this position and the work it will take to put our district on the right track.

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, I had my own business as a legal assistant and also a bookkeeper.  I am very familiar with business operations, proper conduct of Boards and I have thoroughly read the current Bylaws of the Glendale School District.  As a mother I have raised one child and am currently raising another.  As a member of the Glendale community, I have seen the results the present system has been achieving and feel I can be a part of successful solutions to the problems currently being faced.    

When I am elected, I will set out to return the activities of the Board of Directors to those determined in the bylaws of the district, to develop and clearly communicate critical short and long term goals,  to communicate the performance expectations for all involved necessary to assist our parents and students in their endeavors of receiving a meaningful education including the benefits to all for successful implementation,  and to reach out to our community for transparency and assistance in accomplishing our goals without personal prejudice.

When you vote for me you are casting your vote for someone who will accomplish what she intends to do.  Please help send me to serve Glendale to positively influence those that will become the next generation of adults in our community.  Vote Deena Tippin for Glendale School board.

Shirley Miller says "Farewell"

To the Editor,
Because of the financial disaster of 2008, I've had to move into low income housing. Everything was full until I came to Myrtle Creek, so I have moved here and am living on my social security and food stamps.
 I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to my generally speaking good friends and the wonderful people that I left behind between Azalea and Glendale. I've worked with many of them, worked for many of them, lived next door to them, went to church with them, answered their phones, read to 6 year olds, stayed up all night with the graduating seniors, was caregiver to the senior citizens and all from 6 years old to 86 years old. I loved them all and miss them.
This is a lovely place to take me into my eighties in three years. I'm keeping in touch with the senior committee to do good things for the senior citizens. I'm doing the Foster Grandparent program in Myrtle Creek Elementary kindergarten.
I hate goodbyes. So I'll say, "See you later."
Shirley Miller

City & Calvary Construction Should Use Mediator

My opinion on this is that they need to get with a mediator. It is very clear that neither parties are willing to discuss the matter with any kind of give or take and that is what needs to happen at this point.

I believe that the City Council truly feels that they have acted in the best interest of the people with this matter. They do have laws and ordinances that they have to follow. Most of the people on the City Council were not even in place when this whole thing started and they had to step into the middle of this and work with the information they were given.

I also believe that Mr. Kirkland truly feels as though he is being unfairly treated and being told that he is to be paying for things he was not supposed to be charged for and that he is just standing up for his rights.

At this point I believe that “We the People” would much rather see mediation than another court date.
Mediation: the act or process of mediating; especially: intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise.

Caroline Lydon
Glendale, OR

Many people work hard for Glendale's fireworks

Thank you to whoever it was that included me as an inspiring local. I want to say thank you to all of the Fireworks Committee. It wasn’t just myself who worked on this. It was Janet Pickett, Kathy Crivello, Bob Crivello, Audina Jephson, Betty Stanfil, Trish Hennessy, Caroline Lydon. All of these people and the Glendale Fire Department and many other people are what it took to organize the fireworks being brought back to our community.

The true heroes in this effort are the Glendale and surrounding communities. Without the donations of items for raffles and auctions, without the money, every penny, we could not have made this happen. That is the truly inspirational story. Thank you all for your generosity in bringing back our Fireworks Show. When people truly want something in our little communities, they will make it happen. You all have proved that to me!

Here’s to another great show this year!

Connie Stevens
Glendale OR

Teen's Improv Show a Delight

Last night I attended Mr. Fleming's 'Improve' by The Kids at the End of the Hall. I believe Glendale and surrounding communities are lucky to have this kind of entertainment artfully performed by these intelligent high school young adults and I want to thank Mr. Fleming for help making it happen. I encourage much more of this and getting the word out to enable more to attend please.


Karen Batt

Neighbors Need to Cooperate to Improve Glendale

I’m concerned with my neighbors’ well-being, with the health of our community, Glendale, the topic of this note. Our main street still carries the charm of a thriving past, now fallen on hard times. Still, Glendale abounds with mountains of potential, with undeniable opportunities for a bright future. I visualize bustling downtown streets filled with social activities as people exchange goods and services, satisfying local needs. How do we transform our half-empty downtown into something more vibrant that radiates with a sense of social well-being?

Consider circumstances. Locally, we've got the best of so much, more than most. This includes a relatively resilient climate suited for growing food with abundant farm land and forests embellished by wilderness and water, and a beautiful valley in a park-like setting teaming with wildlife that’s sparsely populated by uncommonly capable people. Much of the infrastructure needed for doing business already exists: transportation connections along I-5 to outside resources with paved roads and rail locally, functional buildings for budding businesses, and plenty of people willing to support business functions, to even work for free, if need be, just to help a worthy cause (plenty of voluntary groups serve locally, including PCRC).

Given such attractive resources, what’s missing? Apparently, we’re not all pulling in the same direction; seemingly, we’re even pulling against each other. Instead of working toward a common vision of a bright future, town leadership seems lost in an obscuring bureaucracy of unshared interests. Harsh words, and I don’t even know the individuals who serve on our town council. I do, however, trust that they work with the intent of helping Glendale, even though I’ve been unable to grasp more than faint features of their vision. Why should the council stifle local businesses? Why spend city money, over $40,000 to an out-of-town lawyer in one case, to lose in court? High paid lawyers and courts are for resolving difficult issues. Why is our way forward so contentious?

In a recent letter to the Glendale Gazette, Bill Shepard, an affected property owner, addressed this question by presenting a sizable list of 5 occupancy cases along the business district, plus a housing development project, where council decisions have resulted in vacancies, lawsuits and lingering hostilities, with negative consequences for both the owners and for Glendale’s vitality. He claims misguided motives and unfair practices by the city council and recommends voting to replace them.
Mayor Fred Jensen responded with divisive distain. Instead of explaining council actions in terms of forward motion, or even attempted progress, he waved his bureaucratic wand of fallaciously cited ordinances as if to dismiss hardships resulting from council actions in a demanding cloak of rules. This is not the type of leadership that inspires people to work together. Ordinances don’t decide a building’s fate, council members do. Why the hassles with struggling businesses? These hurtful conflicts lead to empty buildings and thwart local efforts to coalesce behind common purpose.

My problem, surely common to most, is that my authentic well-being depends on that of my neighbors. My sense is that people need to work together for everyone’s sake. I see little opportunity for this under incumbent council ways of operating. It’s time for Glendale to be governed by compassionate humans willing to resolve sometimes difficult issues without added legal expenses.

Jerry Frazier

PCRC Details Their Side of the Issue

Responding briefly to Mayor Jensen’s article for the City of Glendale, we will just supply facts and truths that anyone can easily verify for themselves.

FACT: The City Administration – Betty Stanfill, Ned Dausil, Melanie _________ live in other towns, or at least out of the City of Glendale limits.

FACT: Jensen’s statement in this news service on October 8, 2012, spoke of his need to speak on “lies, half truths or misinformation being spread in the community…”, then he proceeded to tell more whoppers. We all know Fred as a descent honorable man, but he is being selectively informed by his city administration. For example, he states “the motel (Pacific Community) is provided with free lawyers at taxpayer expense. FACT is, the city admitted to spending over $60.000 of local tax payer money to attack Calvary Const. PCRC and others. Speaking only for PCRC: (A) The city received written notice refuting that attorneys helping PCRC are paid with taxpayers money. (B) The very opposite is true. PCRC is proven to be over $20,000 in debt for legal bills only to defend against city attacks, while the city clearly uses taxpayer dollars. NOTE: The city recently lost the Calvary Const. lawsuit, therefore $50,000 from our community

FACT: PCRC began documenting , by providing written timelines to City Manager Betty Stanfill and staff prior to all relevant council meetings through May 2012. September 9, 2011 was a discussion with Betty, Melanie, Shirley Miller and Mike Cassidy in which the record shows that Cass communicated to the Council that PCRC would like to change the failing businesses incubation shops to dwelling units to meet community needs. That use was legal and permitted by all city laws, rules and ordinances in effect at that time. See Glendale City ordinances, City Charter 2002, and 2005 where it is continued, SEC. 2.3.20 (I) Multiple family swelling in C-Zone. PCRC has been legal, City illegal.

FACT: Once the city got it (via their expensive attorney) that everything at the motel was legal and safe, they decided to change the law after the fact. That’s where we are today.

FACT: Before the City administrators rewrote the zoning laws taking affect October 17, 2012, the old motel was totally legal in all respects.

FACT: The old motel community volunteers monthly since September 2011 took written communication to city administrators with clear information asking how PCRC could meet any other requirements to conform to any of the city’s ever-changing demands…re permits, applications for special uses, etc. Betty Stanfill's answer both in person, in open public council, and twice now, under oath in court, was/is “we are not here to help you or anyone else” “this city is a business” and “we don’t want those kind of people in our town…PCRC should take them and move out of town.” The city council and staff have often clearly and repeatedly defined “those kind of people” as low income. I think that defines most residents.

FACT: the old motel has been inspected by State Police Fire Marshall, Do.Co. Building inspectors, and certified engineers, and was passed by all on all health, safety and building issues. All repairs were simply cosmetic and professionally done.

FACT: The city’s demands prompted more than seven (7) different inspections by the above, at taxpayer expense. All issues have long ago been resolved.

FACT: The economy is struggling everywhere, as well as our governments from DC to Glendale. It seems government is more concerned with their own wages and well being rather than the citizens who trusted them to do a tough job. Our little city government spends from $1,500,000 to $2,000,000 a year on what?? Mostly nice salaries and wonderful benefits (and lawyers).

Perhaps we should only have folks who live in the city, work here. Maybe we should try open and transparent discussions of all city expenses, maybe even vote on it!

It is essential that we begin working together in our town. Look at it! Where are the new businesses? The new manufacturing? Business the city promised last year? More important, where are the old businesses? PCRC gave a film to the city council (made by locals and local media TV) showing the moving of the depot to it’s present location. FACT: The main street had a drug store, another grocery, shoe shop, etc. It was bustling with townspeople that had jobs and money to spend locally. FACT: Businesses and residents have moved out big-time and (just look around), we are much worse off than 25 years ago.

These are just a few clear facts. Another fact is we need to agree to disagree, agreeably. Also to get united by just dealing with all the things we have in common. Apply rules and laws fairly and equally to all, allow everyone access to the due process of law, be respectful of diversity and let’s help the city work with all the citizens to benefit all in these difficult times. It sounds old school, but true, United We Stand, Divided We Will Continue to Fall.

Michael "Cass" Cassidy for PCRC

Response to Mayor on PCRC

This is in regard to Mayor Jensen's letter “Zoning Laws Benefit Town & Residents.”

I would like to preface my comments by acknowledging that there are some moderately unkind words included. I mention this cuz it is something I normally avoid.  It is not about personalities or anger.  It is about the general well-being of Glendale, the surrounding area and its inhabitants.  There comes a time when you need to deal with a difficult, uncomfortable, and inhospitable situation head on.  

You would think that someone engaged in slamming others for misrepresenting the facts would do a better job of not misrepresenting his own.  For example, he misrepresents the facts when he attacks Pacific Community Resource Center (PCRC, the motel): “The City seeks legal recourse while the proprietor is provided with free lawyers at taxpayers’ expense.” I am tempted to go so far as to claim that it was a malicious misrepresentation of the facts. Just a little research would have clarified things for him.  PCRC is not getting free lawyers and it is definitely not at taxpayers' expense.  How difficult would it have been to verify this if he had truly been interested in the truth?

So, let’s see, who is it that is spending taxpayer money.  Hmm....?  Oh, it’s the mayor and council!  Let's see, they spent over $49,000 of your taxpayer money to fight with Calvary Construction.  PCRC's lawyers have charged them with over $15,000 in legal fees and I don't think it is out of hand to assume that the current Glendale city council has spent about as much on their lawyers at City of Glendale taxpayers’ expense.  This number continues to grow as resolution is not at hand.  You might want to go down to city hall to see if they will give you detailed printed costs.  The candidates running against the current councilors and mayor have said they would be open to such scrutiny.  And let us not forget who is responsible for this unproductive use of resources.  It was the city that introduced a change in zoning that was aimed at taking away a heretofore authorized use.  It was the mayor and council who filed lawsuits to remove the old and disabled, several of them vets, and some of them unable to afford alternative decent housing, from PCRC and force PCRC to spend money they really don't have to defend themselves and their residents.  Resources PCRC could have used to help and support the citizens of Glendale as they have in the past when they were not under the burden of expensive, time consuming lawsuits.  How real is the need for commercial space when approximately half that exists is empty and often in physical disrepair?  How much of this commercial zone is already an eyesore from lack of occupancy?

So let us take a look at an example of how the recent attempt at zoning benefits town and residents.  Before PCRC took over the motel it was deserted with kicked in doors, broken and boarded up windows, peeling paint and trash blowing through the parking lot.  PCRC renovated all this, cleaned it up, fixed the doors and windows, put on a new paint job, even planted flowers; and added some life!  It is in fact one of the most attractive places in the commercial zone.  Just take a look!  If the city council and mayor have their way and the residents are forced out then, since PCRC relies on the modest rents to pay the mortgage, it may well have to vacate the property altogether.  If this happens there is no reason whatsoever to believe that the motel will not revert to a deserted, trash collecting eyesore.  Is this what Fred calls a benefit to town and residents?  And let us not totally dismiss the possibility that this could result in some of the evicted residents becoming homeless in Glendale.  Now this would be a huge benefit for town and residents!  And, as Bill Shepherd pointed out in his letter, there are several other examples where this zoning is resulting in deterioration and blight in the downtown commercial zone.

There are candidates on the current city ballot who would handle these things much differently.  It is your, the citizens of Glendale proper, choice.

Jack Strasburg

Mayor Candidate Has Long History of Volunteering

I am one of 3 candidates running for Mayor of Glendale, OR. My name is Annette Merrill. I have lived in Glendale two years. I came from a rural town in Utah where I lived for the past 17 years. I love the Glendale area. I am a Bible teacher and former nurse. I have been on the board of the Community Care Food Pantry for 2 years. I have an extensive background in volunteer work in Utah; jail ministry, hospice volunteer, troubled youth.

I would find it an honor to serve the people of Glendale as their Mayor. Along with maintaining the city budget, I would like to see the City improve what we have to offer our youth. 

Thank you,

Annette Merrill

Mayor Jenson: Zoning Laws Benefit Town & Residents

When lies, half-truths and misinformation are spread throughout the community, I like to think that concerned citizens will seek out the facts and draw their own rational conclusions.  However, when the same is presented in print as factual information, it must be refuted.
When the City of Glendale adopted zoning and land development laws in the 1970’s, as required of all incorporated cities, all existing non-conforming uses in each zone were continued.  Any non-conforming use which is discontinued for one year or more reverts to the correct zoning uses in order to eventually achieve uniform zoning use.  Conditional use permits for accessory use apartments in the commercial zone have always been a part of the zoning laws, to allow living quarters which are adjacent and accessory to the primary business use.  An accessory use apartment is not permitted in the absence of a primary use.
To the best of my knowledge, all the present owners of commercially zoned properties were fully aware of the zoning restrictions at the time of purchase.  The list of permitted uses in any zone does not mean that the property owner may switch from one use to another without notifying the City or seeking proper permits.  If this were true, a retail store could change into a hospital overnight.  Zoning laws are in place for the protection of the citizens.
The Glendale City Council attempted for seven years to work with the owners of 384 Pacific Avenue.  The Council sought only compliance with the conditions which the owners agreed to in their application for an accessory use apartment. Instead, the Council watched as the property steadily deteriorated to the appearance of a third world slum.  Broken street-level windows were not repaired, the purported business was unheated and rarely open, unknown liquids were thrown from upstairs windows onto sidewalks and storm drains were clogged with household waste.  After many broken promises to improve conditions, the Council made a difficult decision to revoke the Conditional Use Permit.
In November 2009, the proprietor of 127 Pacific Avenue sought and received approval from City Council to rent out spaces for small retail shops in former motel rooms.  Several new businesses were licensed.  In the fall of 2011, these same former motel rooms were apparently rented out as permanent residential units.  The City received no applications for a change in use to multi-family housing, nor for building, plumbing or electrical permits or fire inspection.  One year later, this illegal residential use of commercial space continues. The City seeks legal recourse while the proprietor is provided with free lawyers at taxpayers’ expense.
Councilors are bound by their oaths of office to uphold the laws of the City for all citizens.  They encourage new businesses who abide by those laws, as evidenced by the recent seamless approval of a complicated application for zone change and conditional use for a gas station.  These same laws must apply to the absentee landlords who seek to turn the commercial zone into tenements. 
Anyone interested in further information on these or any other areas of concern is encouraged to contact City Hall during business hours at 541-832-2106.
Yours truly,

Fred Jensen

State Representative Freeman Supports Mayor Jenson

October 2012

Voters of Glendale, Oregon,

I am supporting Mayor Fred Jenson for re-election as I believe he is the best candidate for the position of Mayor for the City of Glendale.

He has the experience to manage the resources of the community by negotiating loans and grants to finance the needed infrastructure projects. He works well with City staff and Council to resolve issues important to the community.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mayor Jenson in resolving issues with Douglas County and with the State of Oregon. I know he has the best interests of the whole community in mind when working to resolve conflicts and uphold the City's ordinances. He has earned your vote for another term by his dedication to the office.

Yours truly,

Tim Freeman
State Representative

Candidate for Mayor Has Management Experience

October 2012


My name is Lucille Martin, Everyone just calls me Luci. I am running in the upcoming election for Mayor. I am married, mother of 4 and grandmother of 4.

I have been here in Glendale permanently for the last 4 years but have had family here since the mid 70's. I love this town as I am sure all the other candidates do. But I truly believe if the people of Glendale really want to change things. Now is the time, I have never held an official office but have supervised up to 8 retail stores at one time, have had experience negotiating leases, working with health departments, and solving employee disputes by mediation. I feel I bring to the table Common sense, Passion and Commitment.

I was recently told that the residents of Glendale don't want change, and it will never be different because the people wont stand behind the people they elect . I am here and I challenge All Glendale residents to stand up, vote and then stay standing as a community.

Thank you, See you on the 24th !

Luci Martin

City Should Lower Water Rates for Citizens on Fixed Incomes

October 2012

The recent increase in utility rates has been of concern to all Glendale residents. Having just moved here from Grants Pass, my combined water/sewer bill has increased 234 percent! It is already known that Glendale suffers a lower income than the Oregon average. Combine this with higher utility rates and you have some citizens struggling to keep up. The city, conversely, must have sufficient revenue to maintain these vital systems. I have what I believe is a win/win compromise for the city, and for Glendale residents:

I propose that the city offer reduced utility rates for those citizens who live on permanent fixed incomes, specifically (but not limited to):

1) Senior citizens

2) Disabled veterans

3) Other legally disabled

My proposal would require that anyone in the above categories make application for the reduced rates, having to demonstrate that they are officially qualified for those rates. Someone disabled, for example, would present a copy of their SSDI award statement with the application. Similar verification would be required for other qualified groups.

Offering reduced utility rates for these disadvantaged groups would be an enlightened and progressive act by the city. It would also lift a tremendous burden from those least able to pay the new higher rates. It would mitigate some of the citizens resentment over the recent rate increases. And hopefully, the financial impact to the city would be acceptable.
I plan to attend the October City Council meeting to submit this proposal. Please consider it until then.

Rodger and Roberta Hoyt

In Response to Bill Shepard

October 2012

Is this man a moron?
He wants to go after the currant city council for enforcing ordinances that were voted for by the residence of Glendale long before these people were in office. Shame on them for looking out for our city, as far as Mr. Shepard is concerned our city ordinances should be abolished when he thinks that it is not fair. Maybe he would like to have a squatter make home on his front lawn and say that this is there property. But the city ordinance does not allow this.
Let’s go down his list. Number 1, 203 Pacific Ave, if they do not agree with the city, get a petition from everyone in the area saying that they have no problem with it as a rental ( they have not been concerned with it being a rental in how may years now).
Number 2. And how about Maurice McKinney that never had his business open, selling rocks (Glendale really has the cliental that will purchase rocks) I believe that there is a hole pile of them outside of town) and by the way the plumbing was not working upstairs so that dark spot you see running down the back window was not a new paint job that they were doing. This town really needs Feces running down the wall.
Number 3. Bobby Johnson was fully aware of the Ordinances before he got there, I suppose Mr. Obama, wants’ to blame the city council because his business did not work out (Sorry, I meant Mr. Shepard)
Number 4 Poor Mr. Cassidy , Too much litigation, but if Mr. Shepard cares so much about the folks that are homeless people that are staying there illegally, he is allowed to have guest stay in his home, it is OK with the city ordinances.
I am tired of going down his list, I do not see that he is running for city council or Mayor. Mr. Shepard just keep going through town tooting your horn, and do nothing, You can just keep sending letters to the editors, But make sure you are not blaming the City Council for enforcing ordinances that I am sure you were part of voting on.
Bill Woodard

*Editor's Note: Only residents that live within Glendale city limits are eligible to run for City Council.

City Council Supports Local Business

October 2012

I just read a letter from Bill Shepard regarding our current City Council and wanted to provide a different point of view. We opened our business in Glendale three years ago and are growing each year thanks to our friends and neighbors. I have gone to our City Council several times to get licenses which were granted with their best wishes, we have visited with City staff on numerous occasions and have always been treated respectfully. We have moved our business three times and are now purchasing our final location and everyone has been helpful in answering our questions about ordinances and licenses. I have spoken to our mayor Fred Jensen several times and he wants nothing more than to build this town, Pauline Eels who is my direct competitor made the motion to approve my last license request, Bill Boals is on a constant quest to clean up the town.

Every meeting I have gone to has been poorly attended, if you have an issue or want to judge for yourself, attend a meeting. That is what will change Glendale, people who care enough to get involved.

Linda McElmurry, Owner
Pickers Deli

DeFazio Protects Rape Victims

October 2012

Art Robinson would force every rape victim to carry her pregnancy, and at taxpayer expense.
Art Robinson is recognized as a highly unscientific “scientist” whose views conflict with those of most scientists and experts in nearly every field. The list of Art’s crackpot ideas is already long. Now, it grows longer.
A few weeks ago, Todd Akin (R-Mo) made news with the outrageous idea that “legitimate rape” almost never causes pregnancy, saying, “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.”
Magic lady-parts!
It turns out that Art Robinson agrees. His book has all the painful nutty details, including on page 114: “There are very few children conceived through rape…Yes the woman has been seriously injured, and carrying a child to term is an additional burden. She should be compensated very generously for this injury and for this burden.”
Here is what the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists says about this: “medically inaccurate, offensive and dangerous … A woman who is raped has no control over ovulation, fertilization or implantation of a fertilized egg (i.e., pregnancy). To suggest otherwise contradicts basic biological truths.”
Art Robinson would force every rape victim to bear the child of her rapist. No exceptions, ever.
One also wonders how he says he wants “less government”, but then says the rape victim should be “very generously compensated”. By a government agency, presumably. Hmmm …
Art Robinson believes a lot of crazy stuff: that adding radioactive wastewater to our drinking water is a good idea, that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme and that public schools are prisons and should be abolished, but this “legitimate rape” business really takes the cake.
4th Congressional District voters are smarter than this. Send Representative Peter DeFazio back to Washington in November! 
Dean Byers

Roseburg, OR

Internet Speed is Too Slow in Southern Oregon

October 2012

The DSL internet speed of Frontier Communications in SW Oregon is almost down to land-line speed. We subscribers are paying for high speed internet and are not getting it. This may save money for the corporation by not installing the required equipment, but is swindling the citizens who are paying for the service. I would like to be informed as to who we can discuss this with at the PUC and is it possible for citizens to appear before the Commission to discuss this "bait and switch" operation.

William H Koethke
Glendale, OR

Vote For Obama to Protect Social Security, Medicare

September 2012

To the editor, A vote for Romney, Ryan, and Robinson is a vote to end Social Security and Medicare.

Art Robinson has repeatedly called Social Security and Medicare a Ponzi scheme that must be ended. I first heard him say this in Myrtle Creek in 2010, and he has repeated this lie on multiple occasions.

Paul Ryan says exactly the same thing.

Mitt Romney believes that “the 47 percent”—who include Medicare/Social Security beneficiaries—are social parasites refusing to take responsibility for their own lives.

Art Robinson says that he would end Medicare/Social Security through attrition—that is, just wait for us old folks to die off. But who is going to pay for us, before we die off? And how will the youngsters feel, paying something for Gramps, that they will never have for themselves? How long would a program like that last? (Hint: Snowball, meet Hades.)

Paul Ryan would privatize Social Security, and destroy Medicare by creating a voucher system. At a meeting of Ayn Rand devotees, Ryan described Social Security and Medicare as “collectivist” and “socialistic” and praised the Chilean dictator’s destruction of Chile’s Social Security system.

Mitt Romney has assured voters that people who are already 55 years old or older would be safe from changes, but it is simply is not true. Seniors would see an immediate increase in drug costs, and a voucher system could cost seniors over $6,000 every year.

But even if today’s seniors were protected: do Romney, Ryan, and Robinson think that older Americans are so selfish as to want to shield themselves and throw their children to the wolves of Wall Street and insurance companies? Democrats created Social Security and Medicare.

Democrats will protect Social Security and Medicare for future generations. Vote for Obama, Biden and DeFazio.

Joe Yetter

Is Town Council Helping Glendale?

September 2012

Is this town council improving the town of Glendale? Let's have a look at recent actions and statements of the council and some of its members, the members now consisting of Mayor Fred Jensen, Bill Boal, Karen Mehl, Jim Standard, Audina Jephson, Connie Stevens, and newly appointed Polly Eels.

Let us start at the house at 203 Pacific Avenue. You have all seen it, angled across the street from the grade school. It has sat vacant for several years. It has been boarded up after vandals damaged it and broke in. The former owner, Ralph Campos, died and the new owner/managers, Jorge and Connie Velasquez, had interior restoration done at great expense to make it livable. Now they are told that no one can live there because it is zoned only for commercial use; only some business wanting to come to Glendale could use it. Lots of luck on that one!

Let us look at the case of Maurice McKinney. He owns the blue building that had the rock and gem shop at 384 Pacific Avenue. He lived in an apartment above his business (an old traditional way of life) with his family. His family included his wife, her parents and her brother. He was continually harassed by the town council and the “code enforcement officer,” Ned Dausel, at the City Council's direction on various charges. At several City Council meetings, Mr. McKinney tried to argue his case. One charge was that the did not have sufficient parking for a business. He seemed only to talk about his World War II involvement. Instead of pointing out the parking within their 200' requirement, that is used by almost all the other businesses in town (the property owned by the railroad across the street), the council said he had to provide his own parking lot. He tried to comply, but his mother-in-law planted a garden in his parking lot. The city cited him on that problem. At one point the council said they decided he did not have a viable business, stating factors that they thought a viable business must have. The City Council finally made him decided to move to a new location. The building is now vacant, vandalized and partly boarded up—what an improvement by the Glendale City Council. Why could they not help and advise Mr. McKinney instead of continually harming him? Who decides if a business is viable anyway, the owner or the council?

Look now at the former pizza restaurant run by Bobby Johnson. When he was caused to close his business by some other government action, Bobby and Julie had to move because a conditional use permit would not be granted by the city to line in the upstairs apartment with no business open downstairs. The present owner has tried to make renovations to attract a new business tenant but cannot afford to keep the property with no rental income from the apartment upstairs. Now look at it. Maybe the town council hopes he will lose his building.

How about the motel at 127 Pacific Avenue? It is my understanding that the Glendale Council has told Mr. Cassidy, the present owner/manager that he cannot have residents in his building, and cited him into the Justice Court for violating city statues. Under the statutes at the time, one give use of property in a commercial zone was multi-family housing. This means that no permit was required for this use. When cited into court, Mr. Cassidy could have quoted that statute and should have had the violation citation dropped. I do not think that the thinking by all parties was very clear. The court only rules on the items brought before it. This unjust prosecution should be appealed and considered on the correct and legal grounds. Again this council is not trying to help the city. I think that this case is more about who they like and do not like.

Do you know any of those people staying at the old motel building? I do. At lease one of these folks is a Glendale citizen who has lost it all. He has almost no resources and probably has found nowhere else where he could afford to live. I have heard these people referred to in very derogatory terms. I do not know all of them or the reasons for their financial collapse, but I do not think that attacking someone willing to help them is what the City of Glendale wants.

Let us look at the building at 101 and 117 First Street. I bought the property about four years ago. At the time it had two old single-family houses on it. I tried to renovated one of the homes and found so much rot and termite damage that I decided to tear down both houses and build the building that is there currently. Because the two houses had been empty for over a year, the City Council says they cannot be used for residential purposes. Only a business occupancy will meet their requirements, with one exception: an accessory use apartment. I bought a business license for Shepard Computer Consulting, had a lady to manage the business and who wanted to live in the other half of the building. The City Council ruled that the business was a non-viable business and would only grant a conditional use permit for 6 months. Does non-viable sound familiar? (Think of Maurice McKinney). The building has been vandalized, broken into and a hole was kicked into an interior wall. Thank you, City Council.

How about now considering the River View Estates development by Calvary Construction (Kerry and Jeremy Kirkland)? Why has the City of Glendale halted their development and has them tied up in a lawsuit for over 3 years? Why cannot this dispute be resolved? Did you know that this lawsuit has resulted in thousands of your dollars being spent only to damage Kerry and Jeremy? I say to the Council: end this argument now. The mayor, upon being questioned at the last council meeting, had to admit that the city has spent $40,000.00 on lawyer fees on this one issue! And you wonder why your water bills are so high?

Glendale citizens, I ask you to question your Council concerning all these things and do not accept glib explanations saying they cannot discuss it. They must answer to you. They do not have to answer to me because I do not live in the city. I just pay taxes there. Having dealt with them more than I want to recall, I expect the city to react to this letter with personal attacks upon me such as “He has his facts wrong, or he is lying.” If I have any of it wrong, then let us get together and get it right! All I want to do is to improve the life in Glendale for all of us.

The City of Glendale needs council members and city employees who are really trying to promote improvements in the city and not engaging in petty jealousies brought on by other people's efforts to do so. There is no threat in someone else's efforts at success. If the council's efforts keep going the direction they are going, we all lose. I also wish to be clear that it is not the city workers you see doing repairs and maintenance for you that I am critical of. They are excellent and hard workers.

Let the City of Glendale Council hear from you now and at the next election. The next election is coming this November. Let us stop this car-scratcher mentality and make Glendale back into the delightful little town that it once was and should be again.

Come on Glendale people. Make your wishes known to the people who are supposed to be working for you!

Thank you,

Bill Shepard

Longterm Resident Running for City Council

September 2012

I would like to introduce myself. I am running for Position #2 in the City Council. Please vote in the November election.

I moved to Azalea in 1954 as an 18-year-old bride, so you can call me a fixture. I had three sons, was a room mother, den mother, car-pooled, chaperones, P.T.A., basketball, football, baseball and track. I've been divorced or ten years and I have a lot of time to spend to work on the city council. I feel it's time to get new people involved in our city politics.  


Shirley Miller  


Community Development Grad Running for City Council

September 2012

My name is Shannon Merrill, I am a 30 year old transplant from Portland. I am running for city councilor #5 in the November election. I moved to Glendale a year ago to lend support to my family. I have a degree in Community Development from Portland State University. I worked in social services for four years with at-risk youth until I moved to Glendale. It is my life' work to serve those in need! I am very passionate about helping individuals and communities reach their higher potential.

As a new member of the community I respect the local people and traditions of this area. Should I win the election I will benefit from the years of hard work by those who have been involved in city government before me. As well as the unique opportunity to work with the present political figures and I intend to use a positive approach in my work. My goals as a city councilor are to support growth for local businesses and development, discover local assets to build a stronger community socially and economically, and create more recreation options for our youth. Focusing on what is working and what could work would be my top priorities to develop richer opportunities for the people who call Glendale home!  

I am proud to call Glendale home and I look forward to the upcoming election! 


Shannon Merrill


City Council Decisions Questioned

September 2012

We’re all familiar with the unintended consequences that can result from our decisions.

A case in point is our local government. Their decisions have resulted in a number of vacant buildings in downtown Glendale. The big question is whether this is an unintended consequence. In public meetings, when the leaders are questioned about the reasons for their planning decisions, no answers are forthcoming.

This is unacceptable! These elected officials are our servants, not our masters. If they succeed in emptying the motel on the corner they will have destroyed one of the few places that give our town vitality.


Larry Koskela


Community Garden is Blossoming & Needs Volunteers

June 2012

Gateway Gardens and Pacific Community Resource Center are in the second year of sponsoring a Community Garden on Azalea Glen, just before the Green Bridge.. Bob and Wanda have donated ground and water. We have received donated plants, seeds and fertilizer.

However, we do have one problem. WE NEED PEOPLE to work in the garden. Come any day between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. to contribute some time so everyone can reap the benefits of a beautiful and bountiful harvest. Bring the kids too.

Any questions, call 541-832-2004.

Sincerely, Shirley Miller


Parents Should Pay More Attention to Fight Over Teacher Contracts

I've heard a few people complaining about the proposed moving of the junior high over to the elementary school. Some of the excuses have ranged from it's not fair to our kids to it will hurt the egos of our children. I think people are losing site of the big picture here. It is the job of the school district to do whatever it can to best teach the students of the district. If that means they have to go to school at the elementary building then so be it. Parents should be more focused on the battle between the School Board and the Teachers Union. While they are discussing how much they get paid and or how much they should get paid the students are the ones being affected. Do you really think that teachers are given 100% at the schools when they know they have no contract in place? You're lying to yourself if you do. Parents need to get out and start voicing their opinion at the school board meetings. That certainly doesn't mean bash the teachers because they want to get paid it's a two way street and the school board is to blame too. In the end the only thing that matters is the education that your son or daughter is getting. Ask yourself, do you want it to be sub-standard or exceptional?

Bill Whitaker


Senior Van in Glendale

I've been dispatcher for the senior van for almost 2 years (in August). It is not being used to full capacity, but we're hanging in there. Pacific Community Resource Center is our sponsor. I have four man drivers and one lady driver (Pete Crispino, Fred School, Larry Kreseda, Mike Cassidy and Mary Stafford) and they are the backbone of our success. Sue Crispino and Cass do all the computer work and deal with ODOT. We're on a $10,000 grant until August.

Shirley Miller


Kudos to Pacific Corp

April, 2012

I want to just say a quick comment about Pacific Corp. I would like to say thank for helping with the kids, seniors, veterans, and trying to help people find jobs. The city wants to shut him down, just like everything else. I feel as if Pacific Corp has done a great job, and should be able to stay here in Glendale. Please don't let the City of Glendale chase Pacific Corp away like they have done with so many others.

Janet Davasher


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